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Rethinking Entrepreneurship
in Society

A Research Environment at Copenhagen Business School

Our Research


We study entrepreneurship as a discourse and model for social action. As managers urge their employees to become more entrepreneurial and newspapers debate the controversial role of the entrepreneurial “gig economy”, we want to understand how entrepreneurship as a social discourse shapes society. What is the influence of entrepreneurship beyond the marketplace? How does entrepreneurship shape our understanding of social inequality, careers, and how to approach grand societal challenges?


Our research is a deep dive into the intricate ways in which the social discourse of entrepreneurship has the power to reshape not just organizations but the very fabric of societal relationships. We meticulously uncover the subtle yet profound social mechanisms fueling this transformation, with a strong emphasis on the pivotal role played by entrepreneurialism in influencing our historical roots and future trajectories. We critically examine the diverse spectrum of entrepreneurial activities and, in doing so, strive to comprehend their far-reaching influence on sweeping social transformations that transcend time and context.


We explore Denmark's entrepreneurial discourse across past, present, and future, adopting an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. Our analysis involves interpreting primary evidence related to venturing, delving beyond literal meanings to contextualize it within broader socio-historical contexts. Through this lens, we unveil how entrepreneurial agency gains legitimacy, how entrepreneurship is envisioned to impact society, and the cultural symbols bridging individual actions and societal transformations

Project Introduction

Project Summary

Creative Working

organizational reshaping

Through our research, we uncover how the discourse of entrepreneurship reshapes the landscape of organizational structures. By delving into historical shifts and contemporary narratives, we discern how entrepreneurialism has redefined the nature of work, blurring the lines between traditional employment and freelance models.

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Addressing Global Challenges

With a focus on grand societal challenges, we illuminate how entrepreneurial discourse influences our approach to pressing global issues. By examining cases where entrepreneurship has been harnessed to address sustainability, inequality, and inclusivity, we offer insights into the potential of entrepreneurialism as a driving force for positive change.

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Cultural Transformation

Our investigations highlight how entrepreneurial discourse acts as a cultural catalyst, molding societal norms and perceptions. By tracing the evolution of entrepreneurialism across generations, we unveil its role in fostering innovation, empowerment, and redefining societal values


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