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Biography & Abstract
Reinhild Kreis

Reinhild is a Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Siegen, Germany. Her research focuses on the history of consumption, protest and emotions. She is interested in entrepreneurship education and the role of business games.

A Training Ground for Future Entrepreneur s : Business Games , Entrepreneurial Virtues, and the Hope for Economic Competitiveness in Germany since the 1990s

In the late 1990s, business games such as Deutscher Gründerpreis and Jugend gründet became the latest addition to the field of youth competitions in Germany . Initiated by private companies and/or federal ministries , these competitions invited teenagers to develop innovative business ideas. Even more importantly, the y were hoped to strengthen what was considered to be entrepreneurial virtues such as creativity, perseverance, team spirit, and self initiative . The paper presents business games as deliberately created scenarios that were intended to serve as training grounds for future entrepreneurs and to g i ve the organizers an overview of the interests ideas and behavior of young people. While business games must be seen as inherent part of a much longer history of youth competitions all of which aimed at preparing young adults for a world driven by competition , the establishment of decidedly start up oriented competitions since the 1990s can be interpreted as a sign of a new concern abou t G ermany's international competitiveness since the 1990s, which required more entrepreneurship.

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