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Biography & Abstract
Mahsa Samsami

Mahsa is a Postdoc at Stellenbosch Univ. She has earned her PhD at University of Agder, Norway, and is a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Her research focuses on entrepreneurial traditions as institutionalized in society, in the entrepreneurial family, and in the role of the entrepreneur.

People’s appreciation of the role of the entrepreneur: Shaped by society’s culture of entrepreneurialism

The big question is, around the world, how are people’s entrepreneurial actions shaped by the culture of entrepreneurialism? The concrete research question is, how are people's appreciation of the role of the entrepreneur shaped by entrepreneurialism?
People have reported their appreciation in a global survey (status, career, media). Entrepreneurialism around the world has been rated by observers (achievement, autonomy, risk-taking, creativity, self-reliance in society).
The analysis shows, first, that entrepreneurialism increases appreciation of the entrepreneurial role, especially by people in poor societies. Second, the entrepreneurial role is particularly appreciated by young men with low education and low income. Third, where entrepreneurialism is pervasive, it enhances appreciation by males with high education and high income. The main contribution of the study is to account for the effects of entrepreneurialism on people’s actions.

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