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Biography & Abstract
Ihsan Beezer

Ihsan is a PhD candidate at Rutgers Business School in Newark and New Brunswick, USA. His project focuses on technology start-ups and why many of them don’t compete for government contracts as a way of sustaining themselves.

The Historical Intersection of Government Contracting, Entrepreneurship, and Private Investors: Impacts and Insights for Organization Theory

This paper examines the evolving nexus of government contracting, entrepreneurship, and private investment within the context of Organization Theory (OT). It delves into the historical evolution of these interrelations, revealing how government contracts have shaped private sector strategies and market dynamics across various socio-economic periods. From the early industrial era through to the modern digital age, the study traces the transformation of the government’s role from a mere facilitator to a key market actor. Utilizing an interdisciplinary approach, the paper integrates historical analysis with contemporary organizational theories to offer new insights into the dynamics of government-market interactions.  This study aims to fill a notable gap in OT literature by providing a historical perspective but also offers practical insights for policymakers and business strategists navigating the complexities of government-private sector relationships.

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