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Rethinking Entrepreneurship
in Society

A Research Environment at Copenhagen Business School

Our Research


We study entrepreneurship as a discourse and model for social action. We want to understand how entrepreneurship as social discourse, or „entrepreneurialism”, shapes society. What is the influence of entrepreneurialism beyond the marketplace? How does entrepreneurialism shape our understanding of social inequality, careers, and grand societal challenges?


This research group explores the social mechanisms by which entrepreneurialism links to processes of social change. Understanding entrepreneurialism is core to critically reviewing the various activities described as entrepreneurship and to exploring how this discourse shapes broad processes of social change.


We study the past, present, and future of entrepreneurialism in interdisciplinary and internationally comparative perspective. Our objective is to analyze key evidence produced in the process of venturing in relationship to its broader societal context. This allows us to ask how particular forms of entrepreneurial agency are legitimized and others marginalized.

Project Introduction

Project Summary

Creative Working

Organizational Change

Through our research, we uncover how the discourse of entrepreneurship reshapes the landscape of organizational structures. By delving into historical shifts and contemporary narratives, we discern how entrepreneurialism redefines the nature of work, blurring the lines between traditional employment and freelance models.

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We explore how entrepreneurial discourse influences our approach to pressing global issues. Reframing broadly debated questions in society, including sustainability, inclusion, and social justice, we argue that rethinking entrepreneurship can be a driving force for positive change.

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Cultural Transformation

Our investigations highlight how entrepreneurial discourse acts as a cultural catalyst, molding societal norms and perceptions. By tracing the evolution of entrepreneurialism over time, we unveil how it has influenced and continuous to shape societies around the world.


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