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Biography & Abstract
Federica Fusaro

Federica is a PhD candidate at EM Lyon Business School and studies inclusive entrepreneurship policies and initiatives targeting marginalized communities. In particular, her research interests are the discourse around entrepreneurship in public policies and in the inclusion/exclusion dynamics within such initiatives. She studies these questions in the context of French “banlieues” through qualitative methods, namely through discourse and process analysis, and though the theoretical lenses of social imaginaries, stigma, and entrepreneurial myths

A discourse analysis of the adoption of inclusionary entrepreneurship policies in France

Entrepreneurialism has led to viewing entrepreneurship as a universal solution for societal challenges, among which the inclusion of marginalized groups. Given the supposed apolitical and post-ideological nature of entrepreneurship-based policies and initiatives addressing such challenges, extant research generally fails to deconstruct how entrepreneurialism concur to influence how complex issues are understood. In this paper, I explore the process through which entrepreneurialism shift how policymakers understand, frame and act upon social problems, along with the social consequences of such reframing. By combining Structural Topic Modeling and discourse analysis, I examine this question through a 20-year archival study of French political speeches and reports discussing initiatives targeting marginalized neighborhoods (banlieues). Preliminary findings suggest that, as entrepreneurial solutions gained momentum over time, policymakers redefined banlieues’ inhabitants as agentic participants co-responsible for finding a solution to their own problems, ultimately reinterpreting how the impact of public policies for those communities should be evaluated.

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